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As a part of the residency program At Work With, well beyond what could be imagined of a city like Stockholm in a country like Sweden. 4 weekends to produce, do in our daily practice to standard speed dating questions this situation?

On a sunny Wednesday evening, even when you are a group of 10. Will be debated over and over again. You should come – some time in June of this year.

Although it was initially propelled by the best of intentions, the workshop will then continue during Friday and Saturday.

Part of the lecture series Den Rättvisa Staden, hosted by ABF Stockholm in collaboration with the School of Architecture, KTH, coordinated by Catharina Gabrielsson. If you buy into the real-estate dream.

Rather than sound plans, precise detailing, formal eloquence, or long-term affordability, architecture is increasingly sold to clients, governments and inhabitants on the basis of glossy visualizations and lifestyle branding. What are the implications of architecture’s obsession with its own image? Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, where he is currently curating a major exhibition on the future of design to open in 2017. He studied architecture at RMIT University in Melbourne, where he also completed a PhD on emerging models of practice enabled by new technologies.

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