Landing page dating site

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landing page dating site

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The selection of Lockheed Martin and Boeing for the concept demonstration phase was made in early 1997. In the spring of 1997 Northrop Grumman joined the Lockheed Martin team and at the 1997 Paris Airshow, British Aerospace was added. The Concept Definition Phase of the program saw the name changed to Joint Strike Fighter, with a mandate to develop flying demonstrators for possible production.

Between the CDP contract award in 1996 and the first flights in 2000, literally thousands of meetings and technical reviews took place as the Boeing and Lockheed teams worked towards finalizing the designs for their X demonstrator aircraft and continued refining what would become their final program proposals. Fred Knox, Boeing JSF Chief Test Pilot, piloted the X-32A as it departed the runway at Palmdale on its first flight at 10:00 am PST on 18 September 2000. During the flight, Knox put the X-32A through some initial airworthiness tests, including flying qualities and sub-systems checkout. Boeing CV accomplishments included 97 approaches and 74 actual touchdowns, as well as numerous “wave-offs,” throttle transients and integrated test blocks including roll response and speed stability during the FCLP tests.

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