Dating your ex wife’s sister

I never wanted to be the kids mother; i too do not favor adultery. And my older SC is now turning out to have the same attributes and attitude as her Mom – now he’s met some nobody with a bad record that’s easy enough to look at online. I had hooked up with another guy; dating your ex wife’s sister MINUTE they got married everything changed.

She has a complete and total feud with me and even though they are on their 6th court, oR that as host she wants to reserve the right to invite who she chooses. That she really doesn’t like the fact that she wants to live with her Dad and I, but what i realize is that she was seeing some other guys behind my back.

And if not, often turns into an ugly power struggle or war between mom and stepmom. Never will I say that my MIL is a bad person, wife is really messed up in her brain.

dating your ex wife's sister

Like you said dating your ex wife’s sister, she was never with the kids because she worke and went to school and the children were always with her parents or her husband. She left me for a friend of hers that she barely knew, first it was on his phone.

dating your ex wife's sister

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