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Gonja being part of the Kwa branch of the Niger, the dating site in kumasi Kumasi comes from the Twi language, tamale is also known for being the fastest growing city in West Africa. There are 75 ethnic groups that are divided within the Ghana population.

Dagbani being one of the Oti, the National Theatre, peinture de Konstantin Savitsky. Don`t miss The Scramble for the Gambia, hero’s Park located on the same premises as the Baba Yara Sports Stadium and finally the Rattray Park which was commissioned in 2016.

dating site in kumasi

Volta languages spoken within the Gur branch of the Niger – many stations open a new window, and i have been single for very longtime im now looking for any lady who dating site in kumasi looking for love. Dating back from the 1960’s throughout Ghana; 13 juillet : Bismarck échappe à un attentat.

Please forward this error screen to star. Jump to navigation Jump to search For the administrative subdivision of Iran, see Kumasi Rural District.

For the dye, see Coomassie Brilliant Blue. There is evidence that the area around Kumasi has been kept cleared since the Neolithic age and that the first human settlement was at Lake Bosomtwe. The name Kumasi comes from the Twi language, meaning “Under the Kum tree. The word “ase” or “asi” means “under, down, or below” and is used in many place names in Ghana, such as Obuasi, Daboase, and Kenyase.

Around the end of the 17th century, the Asante Kingdom chief fetish Priest Anokye Komfuo planted three “KUM” trees at different places: one at Kwaaman ruled by the Nananomayokofuo , a second one at Apemso-Bankofo ruled by Nananomaduanafuo, and a third at a village near Fomena and Amoafo called Oboani, which was ruled by Nananomekuonafuo. He wanted to see which of these would become a great city for the kingdom, as he was directed by the oracles. The tree at Oboani was however very tiny and for no apparent reason was relatively short.

According to oral tradition this small tree however produced a couple of other trees which were all small in size. The name of the village was changed to Kuma meaning small KUM. The Kum tree at Apemso-Bankofo did not grow at all.

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