Dating a christian widower

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dating a christian widower

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How do you tell a child their mother is dying? It’s a question Chris Martin had to confront when his late wife Renee was diagnosed with incurable kidney cancer. The couple decided not to use the term cancer to describe Renee’s illness in order to shield their daughter from other people’s tales of cancer and loss. Instead they referred to the disease as “the germs in mum’s belly”.

But eventually they had to have a heartbreaking conversation with their then-six-year-old. I remember the day telling Grace that we didn’t know whether we were going to be able to beat the germs in mum’s belly, and if we couldn’t that meant that mummy’s body wouldn’t be able to live anymore and she’d die,” Mr Martin told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Libbi Gorr. That was full-on, as you can imagine, having to tell that to a six-year-old girl and the look of disbelief and non-understanding in her eyes.

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